About Perfect Heart:

Perfect Heart was originally formed in 1990 and would continue to tour until 1999. The original personnel Included Danny Funderburk, Dale Shipley, Mark Lanier, Mike Persnell and Jeff Stice.  Perfect Heart's very 1st song released "Somebody Touch the Lord" Debuted #1 and was also the song of the year in 1991. In 1999 the original group disbanded.  Jeff Stice who owned  Perfect Heart/name/trademark  would sale the quartet/name Perfect Heart to Tammy Neal from Kokomo, IN and she would form the new Perfect Heart Quartet,  that would tour and record a new Project called "Perfect Heart Greatest Hits" volume one.  Meanwhile, in 2006 to 2007 original bass singer of Perfect Heart Mike Presnell  and good friend Tommy Smith would tour and sing as the Two Man Quartet. Soon there after,  Tommy Smith  formed a new group "The Way Quartet" that consisted of singers Wesley Anders (tenor), Jimmy Dunn (lead) Tommy Smith (group owner/baritone) and the original Perfect Heart bass singer Mike Presnell which would eventually become Perfect Heart.  In November of 2008 Tommy Smith entered into an agreement/bill of sale with Ms. Neal for Mr. Smith to purchase the business Perfect Heart and secure all rights to the name/business/trademark which he still presently owns today. The new Perfect Heart along with original bass singer Mike Presnell recorded a couple of great projects with Chapel Valley on their Sanctuary Record label which consisted of  "Sing it Again" and "The Best of Perfect Heart" produce by  Johnathan Presnell, Shane Roark and Arthur Rice. These projects included some of the groups songs they loved to sing as well as some favorite Perfect Heart songs requested by the fans.  The group continued to release and chart songs as well as make some notable appearances such as the National Quartet Convention, The World Premier, Singing in the Smokies, and Dollywood for the annual Harvest festival.  During a brief recess,  Mike continued to keep Perfect Heart alive by making music/cd's available during his solo concerts.  Mike was also able to make the "Sing it Again" and "The Best of Perfect Heart" projects available during the Perfect Heart Reunion concert held by the Memphis Quartet Show.  The Memphis Quartet show came to agreement with Mr. Smith to have the Perfect Heart reunion concert with the original members.  The reunion concert turned out to be a fan favorite during the weekend of the Memphis Quartet Show. Perfect Heart has become one of the most beloved names in gospel music and in saying that, if anyone would be interested in a future Perfect Heart reunion concert that consisted of anyone that has been on stage as a Perfect Heart member please go to our contact page and leave us a message. Thank you for visiting Perfect Heart Quartet!